The Southbrook Golf & Country Club begins back in 1965 when several partners purchased the 104 acres from a local farmer and the three set forth their vision of a beautiful golf course. At its conception in these early years, Southbrook was only a nine hole course naturally shaped around the winding Welland River that still encompasses the course today. With the owner’s complete vision unfulfilled, they purchased additional property adjacent to the course and added another nine holes to complete their eighteen hole vision.

In 1988, the golf course changed hands and with the enthusiasm of the new ownership and architectural prowess of the Superintendent Maurice Ducharme, the front nine was redesigned and reborn with new greens, challenging layouts and at last, sand bunkers. Hundreds of trees of various species were planted that have now matured creating a backdrop of idyllic scenery and unmatched beauty during the fall months.

In 2000 the club house was completely rebuilt and tailored to maximize the view of the golf course while and providing additional ambiance to host large scale tournaments, special events or memorable family occasions.

At the sixth green you will be shadowed by “the old house.” Built in the mid 1800’s, it has always been a topic of conversation amongst players for decades and leaves you with the feeling of being watched while you putt out.

In 2015, the course was purchased by Ian Ladd, Lisa Mercanti-Ladd, Peter Chavez and Wray Barrett. This ownership group is committed to carry on the fine legacy and reputation. They are focused on continuous improvement of the course and the entire Southbrook organization.

There are many who have made their contributions to the building and development of our golf course throughout the years and thanks to their dedication and commitment, Southbrook has firmly established its foot hold as one of Ontario’s finest.

The journey has just begun . . .